The next BDO events are coming up this weekend between Friday August 16 and Sunday August 18 in the form of the Swedish Open.

Entries have now been revealed for the tournament. In the ladies the likes of the in-form Aileen de Graaf, Fallon Sherrock; as well as Lisa Ashton and World Champion, Mikuru Suzuki are all involved in a really tough field.

On the Friday, it kicks off with the LDO Swedish Classic; the players above will also be involved in the Ladies Singles which takes place the following day in Malmo.

In the Men’s Singles, the likes of Andy Hamilton, Darryl Fitton, Wesley Harms and Richard Veenstra are among those involved. The latter two will not play in the Men’s Classic on the Sunday.

Click here to view the entries in full for all events at the BDO Swedish Open 2019.

Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer



Author: Samuel Gill