The line-up was confirmed for the US Darts Masters on Wednesday with the likes of Darin Young and Jim Long joining outright qualifiers such as Jeff Smith and Leonard Gates in Las Vegas.

It was very close though in terms of the Order of Merit spots with it having to go to count-back for the final one which went to the experienced Gary Mawson.

Robert Phillips, Matt Campbell and John Norman Jnr were all tied with ‘The Mauler’ on the final day but in the end it was the former UK Open runner-up who came through.

Further down, John Part was one of the players who missed out on qualification; this came after losing out to Elliot Milk in the final qualifier in the semi-finals.

Other well-known players such as Larry Butler, Jim Widmayer and DJ Sayre also weren’t too far off Part showing how good the field is getting every year and how consistent form is the key over the two days.

View the full Order of Merit below:

PosPlayer Name$ Total
1Daniel Baggish *2,800
2Elliot Milk *2,600
3Leonard Gates *2,300
4Jeff Smith *2,000
5Shawn Brenneman *1,900
6Darin Young *1,650
7Jim Long *1,600
8Gary Mawson *1,500
9Robert Phillips1,500
10Matt Campbell1,500
11John Norman Jnr1,500
12Patrick Gibson1,450
13Joseph Chaney1,250
14David Cameron1,250
15Chris Lim1,200
16Dan Olson1,100
17Alejandro Reyes1,050
18David Richardson900
19Nick Linberg900
20John Part850
21Jeremiah Millar800
22Shawn Burt800
23Larry Butler800
24Ronald Looker700
25Jacob Womack700
26Daniel Lauby700
27David DePriest700
28Chris White600
29Jim Widmayer600
30Kyle Liddeke600
31DJ Sayre600
32Michael Burns500
33Trevor Buboltz500
34Logan Crooks500
35Scott Wells500
36Joseph Huffman500
37Nick Georgeson500
38Ross Snook500
39Danny Delfino500
40Chuck Puleo500
41Willy Walker500
42Rod Snow500
43Wesley White400
44Jayson Barlow400
45Ken Hwang400
46Nick McCoy400
47Kenny MacNeil400
48Timmy Nicoll400
49Gary Brooks400
50David Tarso400
51Michael Neubert400
52John Liggett400
53Albert Smith400
54Joseph Newman400
55James Luebke400
56Julian Mixon400
57Junjie Li400
58David Fatum400
59Kiley Edmunds400
60Dawson Murschell300
61James Smith(Canada)300
62Sean Smyth300
63Brian Jackson300
64Joe Brooks300
65Broc Lawrence300
66Wade Henderson300
67Paul Schwindamann300
68Jason Hann300
69Richard Frattaroli300
70David Flowers300
71Nathan Squires300
72Anthony Rohlfing300
73Tyler Rettie300
74Roger Carter300
75Shaun Hensley200
76Justin Fawcett200
77John Steinhofer200
78Ronald Gayman200
79Dan Lauby200
80Vaughan Lightowler200
81Don Campos200
82David Marshall200
83Dustin Jensen200
84Kevin Delgado200
85Matt D’Angelo200
86Joshua Decker200
87Rod Tobin200
88Mitchell Cabot200
89Rob Dixon200
90Aaron Stark200
91Steve Tuerck200
92Daniel Robbins200
93Bruce Robbins200
94Steve Hilger100
95Jon Foreman100
96Neil Stewart100
97Ken Ripp100
98Aaron Christian100
99Patricia Grzesik100
100Darryl Norman100
101Ryan Ponder100
102Michael Maguire100
103Ryan Levy100
104Robert Slade100
105Micheal Griffin100
106Matt Thom100
107Andrew Bennett100
108Pat Rose100
109Eric Sickler100
110Rick Adcock100
111Tim Sheehan100
112Matt Smooke100
113Nick Rivera100
114Russ López100
115Brad Powell100

Author: Samuel Gill