The England National Singles has concluded with Wesley Harms and Beau Greaves claiming the men’s and ladies titles respectively with victories over Wayne Warren and Rhian Griffiths respectively.

For Harms he saw off Padgett in a 4-0 victory and then he also eased past David Evans 5-1 before completing the job against Warren in a 6-4 win. In terms of in the Ladies, Greaves saw off Lorraine Winstanley (4-3) and Evonne Taylor (4-1) before seeing off Rhian Griffiths in a 4-2 victory.

There is also the England Open taking place today with the conclusion of that including both Greaves and Harms taking place today in Selsey to conclude the days play.

Click here to view the prize fund breakdown for both tournaments.

England National Singles – Men’s
Andy Hamilton 2-4 Wayne Warren
Ross Montgomery 3-4 Nick Fullwell
Ryan Hogarth 2-4 David Evans
Matthew Padgett 0-4 Wesley Harms
Wayne Warren 5-4 Nick Fullwell
David Evans 1-5 Wesley Harms
Wayne Warren 4-6 Wesley Harms

Mikuru Suzuki 2-4 Evonne Taylor
Lorraine Winstanley 3-4 Beau Greaves
Rhian Griffiths 4-1 Jo Locke
Maria O’Brien 0-4 Corrine Hammond
Evonne Taylor 1-4 Beau Greaves
Rhian Griffiths 4-0 Corrine Hammond
Beau Greaves 4-2 Rhian Griffiths

Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer


Author: Samuel Gill