Barry Hearn, chairman of the PDC recently sat down with LiveDarts during the 2020 PDC World Championship to discuss a number of topics.

One of them was the Ladies game and for Hearn it is something he wants to take slowly and use the World Series as a potential opportunity platform.

Hearn though added that there is also a responsibility on the likes of the BDO to get their act together so that the PDC can then breed these next darting stars.

“Suddenly there is lots of people talking rubbish which always happens on something new. They are like when are you going to do this. The answer is very slowly, you build sustainable businesses brick by brick, you don’t put a house up before the foundations are properly secured otherwise it falls down and you’ve wasted your time,” said Hearn to LiveDarts.

“Now is the time for reflection and opportunity and to use specific invitations like the World Series of Darts to show people we are serious about equality and show that ability is the only criteria.

“As well as to encourage the amateur bodies who have been painfully slow in getting their act together and it’s certainly more their responsibility to mine. They have an obligation to the World of Darts, our job is to create this land of milk and money for the few that are excellent and there are only a few.

We are seeing a more Global effect on Darts, I never thought I’d see a Lithuanian in the Quarter-Finals, it’s exciting but not as exciting than women coming in. There is no doubt the Women’s market is untapped.”

WDF and future of the BDO

In terms of the amateur body, it was revealed last week that the PDC and WDF had a private meeting and Hearn admitted honestly that he is always happy to help and who knows what will happen.

He did discuss the BDO and said about their mistakes and that they shouldn’t try competing with the PDC and that attempting to do that always means they are on a hiding to nothing and that they should stick to what they are good at.

“I’m always happy to give my views and I’m happy to help but there are certain rules of professionalism I want to see in the amateur game before they get a penny of my money!”

“I think they are more receptive to some of my ideas now than they were and who knows what the future will hold. I want to see how the BDO World Championships take place, I think they will struggle, I think they made a mistake moving away from Lakeside and I think their broadcast partners won’t be happy with some of the product on display,” continued Hearn.

“That isn’t to say there isn’t a future for amateur darts. We’ve helped a bit with Development, Challenge Tours but if we’re dining out on the Women’s game, there isn’t enough being done by the amateur body,

The amateur game have no chance trying to compete with us. First of all they don’t have me heading them up so they have no chance whatsoever, number two they don’t have the money, number three they don’t have the sponsors and TV or commercial acumen whatsoever, they are f*cked. So what they do is, don’t compete in a battle you can’t win. They can’t have pretensions of grandeur when they’ve got no grandeur.”

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Author: Samuel Gill