Martijn Kleermaker will make his debut at the 2020 BDO World Championship on Sunday evening when he takes on compatriot Gino Vos in the first round.

Kleermaker will be seeded seventh on his debut in the tournament after a pretty good year on the BDO Tour.

“That does not entail extra pressure,” said the Dutchman in a recent interview with

“I’m just trying to approach it like any other tournament and I just want to win my matches.”

In the opening round, Kleermaker faces Vos and all he knows  is that he will win if he plays his best game. “In itself it doesn’t really matter who you play against, winning remains the most important thing. Gino and I played against each other a number of times last year and it was always exciting. I know I just have to play my best game! ”

In terms of his goals on debut, Kleermaker has one in mind despite taking one match at a time and that’s winning the title. “Difficult question! I know I can beat them all so it would be strange if you would settle for example with a quarterfinals. We are going one by one, but my goal is very simple: to raise the trophy at the end of the week. ”

Strange year at BDO

Kleermaker also commented on the BDO and the current state of the organisation and he said that while it isn’t good, he has played all year to qualify and is putting his next steps together to join the PDC after this tournament.

“You are shocked at first, but I am not surprised anymore. The entire year in BDO is actually dominated by negativity. Many things are not communicated on time or well and weird decisions are made. But I played a whole year to be able to participate in this World Championship so I want to give myself that reward too. ”

“I would think it would be cool to be able to turn my hobby into my job, and you will eventually have to go to the PDC for that. After this World Championship I will try to get my Tour Card and from there I hope to make further steps and eventually become a professional. ”

Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer

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Author: Samuel Gill