Jeff Smith is one of the best players to come out of Canada with multiple appearances at Lakeside including a semi-final and final and he now has the opportunity to play in the PDC World Championship in a few weeks and recently Dartsnews had the opportunity to speak to the Silencer on a variety of topics including his Ally Pally debut, Finder Darts Masters and Lakeside. Part 2 will be out soon!
Firstly we spoke about how Jeff got into darts growing up and he had this reply: ‘I was fortunate my grandfather brought me into the game at an early age. Carried on to playing the NDFC Youth program. Many years ago’
‘After that we touched on his experiences at Lakeside including a semi-final and a final and how that ranked in his best moments in darts.
‘Lakeside was an amazing experience in general. The history of the game that has been in that venue gives you goosebumps. But it’s a toss up for me, playing a final there or winning the World Cup Singles in Japan was also right up there for me.’

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

We then spoke about the main news story concerning The Silencer at the moment and that was him getting a place at the PDC World Championship in a few short weeks and his thoughts on it.
‘It took me approximately 5 seconds to accept.. I’ve been close a couple of times qualifying in Canada for it. I was disappointed in not being able to play Lakeside this year, after having such a good year chasing and winning the #1 NDFC Ranking. Unfortunately while I played for Canada internationally, Canada hosted BDO Regional events back home. Which cost a few players like myself the chance to top the regional table.’
The Finder Darts Masters take place this weekend and to end the first part we asked his thoughts on his spot being pulled.
‘I was honoured to be asked to play the Finders, and was more than willing to fulfil the contract I signed. But where one door close another one opens, and now another player has a great opportunity as my replacement. I wish them all the best.’

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Author: Samuel Gill