The Welsh Open and Classic took place this past weekend and it was Martijn Kleermaker and Dave Parletti the victors in Prestatyn.

Parletti first of all won the newly implemented title in the form of the Classic. The final was confirmed on Friday against Martin Adams and he claimed a 6-4 win.

Kleermaker on the other hand saw off Sven Verdonck, Gino Vos and then finally in the final Jim Williams.

He alongside Mario Vandenbogarde have been picking up quite a few titles in the past few months but it’s a first Category A win for the Dutchman.

In terms of the Ladies, Beau Greaves cleaned up winning a hat trick of titles in Prestatyn.

Welsh Classic (Men’s)

Martijn Kleermaker 4-3 Wlliam Kckendry
Dave Parletti 4-1 Mark Challenger
David Evans 2-4 Willem Mandigers
Martin Adams 4-1 Jim Mcewan

Martijn Kleermaker 4-5 Dave Parletti
Willem Mandigers 4-5 Martin Adams

Dave Parletti 6-4 Martin Adams

Welsh Open (Men’s)
Martijn Kleermaker 4-1 Sven Verdonck
Willem Mandigers 2-4 Gino Vos
Leighton Bennett 4-1 Gary Robson
Martin Adams 1-4 Jim Williams

Martijn Kleermaker 5-3 Gino Vos
Leighton Bennett 2-5 Jim Williams

Martijn Kleermaker 6-5 Jim Williams


Author: Samuel Gill