Dartsnews.com recently had the opportunity to catch up with some of the players competing at the UK Open next weekend, the first of which is Matthew Edgar.

Edgar is one of 32 seeds at Minehead and will be hoping to take some of his early season form into that tournament after some great runs on the ProTour.
In this interview we speak about the UK Open, Q-School as well as why Edgar calls himself Prime Time.
Q. Thanks for agreeing to do an interview Matt, first of all how did you get into darts growing up??
No problem, getting into darts really was a bit of pot luck. I was having a day out with the family at Blackpool and as a child you don’t want to take any money Home so I bought the first thing I could grab on route to the car. It was a sticky dart board. I actually used it for hours and hours so my dad bought me a dart board which unearthed lots of family history. Turns out my grandad was a big darts player before me who made the finals of the News of the World among many other achievements including a unicorn sponsorship. I have all this memorabilia passed onto me and now on display. Once playing I would go to the local club to practice with my dad once a week and was asked to play local league then county youth and before you knew it I was going through the system, went to my first open at 14 and made the final beating the top youth player at the time Stephen Bunting in the semi so I thought you know what maybe I can play this game. Left it for a few years in my early 20s to chase other dreams but now I’m firmly a dart player
Q. You have had a great start to the year including qualifying for the UK Open as one of the 32 seeds, are you looking forward to entering in at the 3rd round stage at Minehead and how would you assess your form so far in 2018??
I’ve wanted to be an UK Open seed ever since I tasted the event in 2011, it is the best achievement possible for the UK Open at this stage of the event. To say I’m looking forward to it is an understatement I’m preparing the best I can for the event and want to give it a real go. My form has been amazing and I posting a lot of 97 98 averages and even peaked up to a 107. I’ve beaten a lot of top players already this season and could be a dangerous outsider in that draw. I don’t think there will be too many people happy to see Ball 23 come out in minehead. Saying that I’d love a crack at MVG he’s the man to beat if you want the headlines and I’m a guy who loves a headline, so I’ll have Micheal please.
Q. You also regained your tour card at the first time of asking, how did it feel to do so and what did you make of the standard at Q-School this year??
Q-School gets harder all the time. The sheer amount of entry’s makes the day very long and a true stamina test. It’s not all about talent but managing a day and lucky I’ve learnt a lot of that from the challenge tour. The pro tour runs so quick and smooth that you are almost spoilt because how well ran it is. Q-School this year had its biggest field ever and a lot of top names. However I went there fully expecting to get through. I’d consider myself one of the top names at q school. I’m rarely under a 90 average which makes me hard to beat if you want to beat me you need to play.
Q-School was make or break for me really. I feel I’m a bit of a wasted talent my ability has not unlocked my route in darts yet that I feel I should be on and I did say before I went it’s one last go or I’m going back to wrestling and MMA before I’m too old after taking last year to get some training under the belt again.
But we know the story, I got my card and now it’s go time on the darts back in November when the free entry’s was announced I was with a friend of mine Tommy and I said hey that’s a message to guys like me with talent who need a kick up the back side, then I did the same in Facebook cause I love a bit of social media banter and well so far so good.
Q. You are known as Prime Time nickname wise, how did that nickname come about and was it you who came up with it?
The nickname came around for a few reasons but the main one is the fact I love the stage. I love a stage game and I love a last leg, a last day to qualify. See when the others feel the nerves I get excited. I was called other names but there not so PG so we went for Prime Time. There’s another player coming through at the moment, Australia’s Corey Cadby he seems the same gets fired up and loves the big stage more than a board 12 in Wigan and I’m hoping one day I meet him on the stage. Maybe next weekend in minehead. It would entertaining that’s for sure.
Q. You got to the last 32 of the World Championship qualifiers last year, is one of your main aims for this year to secure a debut at the Alexandra Palace??
I’ve fell just one step short so many times for the worlds and I really thought this was my year the way I was playing in the qualifiers. However I lost to Rob Meulenkamp this year who beat my 98 average. Disappointed but I know you can’t win them all and as I said earlier it’s all about me been hard to beat. I play my part and you beat me fair play. I only get upset when I feel I’ve dropped my levels and given someone my scalp.
Q. Finally what would you say are your other ambitions for this season to end the interview off??
I’m trying to enjoy the journey more this year than the destination and look at every game for what it is rather than a qualifier. I’ve had some injuries last year to my wrist and a broken hand that really set me back so I’m enjoying taking in the worlds best again. If I had a goal in the back of my mind it was UK Open, Players Championship Finals and the World Championship. One day I’d love to play at Blackpool in the Matchplay but that’s another year I feel. That event would mean more to me than any other. But this is the thing with the pdc it’s an open door if you do it on the right day your in. Look at the Grand Slam as a Tour Card holder there’s an opportunity there too. Having a tour card now is a open door to change your life. Just ask Rob Cross what can be done in a short time. In terms of goals I just want to win games and as many as possible. Right now it’s all about Minehead and the uk open and getting into round 4. I will be ready for the 3rd round and looking forward to the extended format. Wish I knew who I was to play but that’s all part of the fun. I have my day and routine planned for next Friday just wanna get it started now really
Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for Dartsnews.com

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Author: Samuel Gill