Mardle: 'Cross and Wright are not playing like they are number two and three in the world'

Peter Wright and Rob Cross face off in one of the standout ties on paper on the opening night of the Premier League.

Sky Sports pundit and former Premier League participant Wayne Mardle doesn’t see it as that though.
He sees both as underperforming and said one could get annihilated in Newcastle.
‘They are number two and number three in the world, and I'm sorry but they are not playing like it.’
‘That's not being harsh, that's not being overly critical, that's not being brutal, they're not playing well and they know it. If they try to defend the fact they're playing well, 'no they're not'.
‘They're under performing and I can't go for a draw because I think that one of them on the night will be so bad that they could get annihilated.’

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