The next Associate Member Qualifier was concluded this past weekend with Wessel Nijman and Stefan Bellmont both qualifying for the Czech Darts Open.

Nijman is a former Development Tour winner and the young Dutchman will make his debut on the European Tour as a result. He saw off Geert de Vos in a 6-3 win with only a 77 average.
He also saw off the likes of Michael Plooy in a 6-4 win and Jeffrey Bekema in a 6-2 win.
Bellmont only recently made his European Tour debut and received a tough draw in Jeffrey de Zwaan on his debut and he will return after seeing off Manfred Bilderl 6-5.
The likes of Diogo Portela and Cody Harris were also involved but received tough draws late on against De Vos and Michael Rasztovits halting their progression.
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77.9Nijman, Wessel63De Vos, Geert74
88.8Bellmont, Stefan65Bilderl, Manfred87.9
83.4Nijman, Wessel64Plooy, Michael88.1
87De Vos, Geert65Hurtz, Michael83.2
88.2Bilderl, Manfred63Rasztovits, Michael86.7
85.5Bellmont, Stefan61Pietreczko, Ricardo70
Last 16
78.4Plooy, Michael60Leysen, Glenn64.8
78.4Nijman, Wessel62Bekema, Jeffrey79.2
80.9De Vos, Geert65Portela, Diogo80.2
81.8Hurtz, Michael63Ferreira, Paulo75.6
90.7Rasztovits, Michael65Harris, Cody88.7
90.1Bilderl, Manfred63Konterman, Arjan83.8
80.1Pietreczko, Ricardo65Tautfest, Erik84
91.6Bellmont, Stefan61Hempel, Florian81.1

Author: Samuel Gill