The European Tour UK Qualifier for the third event in the form of the German Darts Grand Prix in Munich has been completed.

Alan Norris, Stephen Bunting, Glen Durrant and Steve Beaton were among the contingent to get through. ’Chuck’ will make a welcome return to the European Tour after a year or two in the darting doldrums. A former winner on the periphery tour, he saw off Eddie Dootson to progress.

Stephen Bunting edged past Scott Taylor while Glen Durrant averaged around the 110 mark in moving through. Ross Smith similarly hit the heights also hitting a 110 average to continue his form he exhibited at the UK Open. The same can be said for Steve Beaton and Jamie Hughes who will also be in Munich.

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Final round

100.3Brown, Keegan63Dennant, Matthew92.7
94.8Evans, Ricky62Humphries, Luke97.1
86.6Norris, Alan63Dootson, Eddie82.2
110.7Durrant, Glen61Shepherd, Kirk98.3
99.1Bunting, Stephen63Taylor, Scott90.0
93.5Beaton, Steve65Ward, Harry89.3
86.6Derry, Nathan64Ladley, David78.7
95.9Dobey, Chris60Wilson, Jason73.6
91.7Edhouse, Ritchie64Jones, Wayne92.5
91.6Anderson, Kyle63Robinson, Reece88.7
96.5Payne, Josh63Stevenson, Simon97.0
92.9Evetts, Ted64Mansell, Mickey83.3
93.7Barilli, Mark65Joyce, Ryan85.4
110.7Smith, Ross63Woodhouse, Luke100.7
90.8Monk, Arron65O’Connor, William95.5
102.3Wilson, Mark63Meikle, Ryan94.5
102.4Dolan, Brendan62Hudson, Peter87.0
90.4Hughes, Jamie63North, Richard93.7

Last 72

99.1Brown, Keegan64King, Mervyn94.1
93.3Dennant, Matthew62Brooks, Bradley83.1
94.8Evans, Ricky64Gilding, Andrew94.0
96.7Humphries, Luke64Newell, Tony84.1
87.6Norris, Alan65West, Steve83.6
84.3Dootson, Eddie64Ayres, Daniel85.8
94.2Shepherd, Kirk61Wilson, James89.7
105.8Durrant, Glen62Rafferty, Nathan98.2
97.0Bunting, Stephen60Temple, Terry85.9
96.6Taylor, Scott62Burness, Kevin83.6
94.4Beaton, Steve63Johnson, Darren94.5
84.4Ward, Harry64Bain, Jamie83.6
87.9Derry, Nathan64Lennon, Steve87.2
92.4Ladley, David64Murschell, Dawson82.5
87.0Dobey, Chris62Tabern, Alan83.5
93.5Wilson, Jason63Pallett, David80.8
86.1Jones, Wayne64Henderson, John90.5
99.5Edhouse, Ritchie65Boulton, Andy91.2
100.5Anderson, Kyle61Prins, Dave86.3
91.2Robinson, Reece65Webster, Mark87.9
95.7Payne, Josh61Claydon, Brett78.8
87.7Stevenson, Simon63Petersen, Devon83.8
84.2Mansell, Mickey61Carroll, Shaun79.7
97.9Evetts, Ted61Worsley, Jonathan85.7
98.1Joyce, Ryan65McGeeney, Mark95.1
82.8Barilli, Mark64Woods, Brian83.5
89.1Woodhouse, Luke64Aspinall, Nathan99.8
97.8Smith, Ross62Edgar, Matthew85.6
90.7O’Connor, William62Richardson, James84.2
91.8Monk, Arron64Whitehead, Conan85.5
96.0Wilson, Mark65Thornton, Robert94.2
92.8Meikle, Ryan65Burton, Stephen94.6
90.6Dolan, Brendan65Murnan, Joe87.5
87.6Hudson, Peter62Dudbridge, Mark85.7
94.1North, Richard65Baker, Scott86.9
90.6Hughes, Jamie64Harrington, Ryan91.2
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Author: Samuel Gill