Like many PDC fans, Paul Nicholson is excited for what the future holds.

Speaking at the World Matchplay – which had a record high prize pot – Barry Hearn gave some teasers on the PDC’s next steps. Expansion in America was on the cards, as well as a number of other ideas that were kept under wraps. Nicholson, speaking with Live Darts, spoke about the intrigue surrounding the plans.

“I loved that interview [Hearn speaking to Live Darts in Blackpool]. He probably tantalises your taste buds, in darts – and sport, for that matter – than Gordon Ramsey would at one of his restaurants!

“You just want to know, don’t you?

“He’ll probably not tell us until October time, when the calendar comes out. You want to see where darts is going.”

Going places

The World Series has engrossed fans from all over the world. This weekend, its Down Under tour will start in Brisbane. While its presence isn’t currently felt in Asia, the Asian Tour has proved even more successful.

“Australia has worked. New Zealand has worked. We’d love to see some sort of Far East venue to work,” said Nicholson.

“I think the Asian Tour’s working a treat, but the World Series didn’t have as much of an impact.

“What I want to see are more youth players coming through in the Far East – it always seems to be the veterans.

“The one that intrigues me most is America, because we haven’t had that next generation in the United States of America in darts for quite some time.

“This is a shout out to everybody in America – if you’re under the age of 30, come on, prove yourself!

“Knock off the likes of Darin Young, Larry Butler, who’s been around since day dot.”


Author: Ed McCosh