BDO players are no longer facing sanctions when they want to play a PDC event. The British Darts Organisation announced that they are removing all restrictions on PDC Tour Card holders. However this does not mean PDC Chairman Barry Hearn is going to lift the restrictions for his own players.

The decision of the BDO offers players the opportunity to join the Q-School without facing sanctions when they fail to earn a Tour Card. In the past, Lakeside participants had to sign a contract. It stated that they would stay in the British Darts Organisation if they reached the last four in Frimley Green. When a player still decided to switch to the PDC, they had to hand in the earned prize money.
Players who do not have a PDC Tour Card can now play on both the PDC and the BDO circuit. However, this does not apply to Tour Card holders. They have signed a contract stating that they are only allowed to play TV and stream events within the PDC.
Hearn refuses to change the PDC rules as well. ”This cannot happen. We have exclusive deals in place which prohibit it and this exclusivity allows us to charge premium fees to our partners”, Hearn said on Twitter.
”This is a major reason why PDC prize money is so high, thus benefitting PDC Tour Card holders. Great that bdo ended bans, our rules remain.”

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Author: Pieter