Ahead of the PDC World Championship, the prize fund has been revealed with a record amount available for those involved.

This is due to a record number of players involved and as a result it has been increased by £700,000 in total. In terms of winners prize money; it has been increased by £100,000 to £500,000 meaning even more to play for.

The runner up will claim £200,000 with the two semi-finalists who lose getting £100,000 each. This goes all the way down to first round losers who will all pocket £7,500 only a few thousand less than winning a normal PDC ranking event.

View the full prize fund below:

Position (num. of players)Prize money
Last 16 losers(8)£35,000
Third round losers(16)£25,000
Second round losers(32)£15,000
First round losers(32)£7,500



Author: Samuel Gill