Day One has been completed at 2019 PDC UK Q-School with Jamie Hughes and Harry Ward claiming the first outright tour cards.

The Order of Merit has also been updated after the first day with this giving a potential indicator as to who will win the Tour Cards through this route.
Mark McGeeney currently tops this at the early stage with 6 points alongside fellow Day One finalist, Kirk Shepherd.
Andy Boulton and Barrie Bates are next up with five a piece. The point scorers go all the way down to 126th meaning most players are still in contention at this early stage.
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PDC UK Q-School Order of Merit after Day One

#NameDay 1Score
1McGeeney, Mark66
2Shepherd, Kirk66
3Boulton, Andy55
4Bates, Barrie55
5Howson, Richie55
6Edwards, Dafydd55
7Worsley, Jonathan44
8Burton, Stephen44
9Ladley, David44
10Fullwell, Nick44
11Hilditch, Ash44
12Baker, Scott44
13Kempster, James44
14Thomas, Kevin44
15Johnson, Darren33
16Rydz, Callan33
17Pallett, David33
18Lovely, Thomas33
19Atkins (Wigan), Martin33
20Todd, Mick33
21Padgett, Matt33
22Wilson, Jason33
23Butler, Mitch33
24Gilchrist, Craig33
25Cross, Zak33
26Menzies, Cameron33
27Cole, Jarred33
28Williams, Jim33
29Whitehead, Conan33
30Bent, Christopher33
31Gray, Adrian22
32Beveridge, Darren22
33Wilkinson, Carl22
34Finn, Dean22
35Parody, Dyson John22
36Ayres, Daniel22
37Cooksey, Jacob22
38Davey, John22
39Vaughan, Chris22
40Jacques, Peter22
41Huntley, Michael22
42Budgen, Lee22
43Nakanishi, Eikichi22
44Waites, Scott22
45Bain, Jamie22
46Barstow, Chas22
47Robinson, Reece22
48Loose, Callum22
49Lever, Ian22
50Newton, Wes22
51Hickey, Mark22
52Lynskey, Patrick22
53Herewini, Darren22
54Darbyshire, Scott22
55Winstanley, Lorraine22
56Holgate, Ashley22
57Dale, Scott22
58Davis, Joe22
59Edwards, Richie22
60Way, Kerry22
61Towers, Scott22
62Evans, David22
63Prins, Dave11
64Durrant, Glen11
65Mcfarlane, Ian11
66Preston, Simon11
67Davies, Ben (Crewe)11
68Walsh, Brandon11
69Lawrence, Mark11
70Coulson, Derek11
71Bull, Adam11
72Smith, Lee11
73Jenkins, Andy11
74Atkins, Martin (Leeds)11
75Careless, Nathan11
76Power, John11
77White, Chris11
78Francis, Callum11
79Newman, Dion11
80Baillie, Richard11
81Lam, Ting Chi Royden11
82Jones, Leighton11
83Kellett, Stuart11
84Rickwood, Robert11
85Dickinson, Jack11
86Edhouse, Ritchie11
87Smith, Damian11
88McGuirk, Shane11
89Hope, Ryan11
90Darlow, Antony11
91Nash, Terry11
92Burnett, Richie11
93Hall, Rees11
94MacNeil, Kenneth11
95Cook, William11
96Corner, Richard11
97King, Ricky11
98Canham, Robert11
99Geraghty, Keith11
100Harvey, Christopher11
101Jones, Christopher Paul11
102Hanvidge, Paul11
103Gallimore, Stephen11
104McNally, Stephen11
105Wilson, Stu11
106Edwards, David11
107Landon, Jamie11
108Part, John11
109Lovely, Eddie11
110Penhall, Darren11
111Hallas, Brian11
112Phillips, Paul11
113Smith, Justin11
114Jiwa, Prakash11
115Mcgurn, Lewis11
116Walker, Jim11
117Dutton, Stuart11
118Duo, Dylan11
119O’Neill, Keith11
120Withers, Ian11
121Bryan, John11
122Anderson, Cameron11
123Dobromyslova, Anastasia11
124Neate, Paul11
125Gardner, George11
126Williams, Lee (Lincoln)11


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