Roz Bulmer has revealed that she has beaten cancer for the second time and is eager to get back onto the practice board after 208 treatment days.

Bulmer despite having the illness and the side effects of chemotherapy still took her place at the Lakeside World Championship this past January losing 2-0 to Sharon Prins and ended up winning the BDO Personality of the Year alongside Michael Unterbuchner.
The Norwich ace released a statement on Facebook after receiving the brilliant news and said that she finally gets to ring the bell which is seen in the video below on her Twitter and how much her friends and family have helped her throughout.
‘Feel emotional already… today’s the day. After 208 days since the first treatment day. I finally get to ring the bell (technically its longer, as never found a bell the first time). Its been a gruelling process and my friends and family have helped me immensely. Can’t thank Little Lifts enough for their chemo pack, they think of everything.’
For the former World Trophy semi-finalist though, she faces a new battle after the excellent news which is getting back to normal.
‘For me the treatment has finished but I now have other battles to overcome, the battle of getting back to normal. Whatever that is! the very dodgy hairstyles! And emotional turmoil of dreading it never comes back. I am still a very very lucky girl as so many don’t get this day!’
Roz Bulmer is looking for financial help to get back on the darts circuit. Click here to make a donation.


Author: Samuel Gill