Jeffrey Sparidaans says it’s not fair that PDC players can participate in BDO events. John Michael – who won a PDC Tour Card in January – entered the Romanian Classic last weekend.

The Greek beat Sparidaans in the semi-finals of the event and after his defeat, the Dutchman put his complains on Twitter. ‘This is not fair. He won a Tour Card and a BDO event, he is stealing points of the BDO players. We are fighting so hard for points for Lakeside and he plays a PDC event over a few weeks’, he said.

New rules

A rule adjustment within the British Darts Organization has ensured that PDC players can now also participate in their tournaments. Players from the Professional Darts Corporation need permission from the PDC to be allowed to participate. They are not allowed to enter streamed or televised events which are not PDC sanctioned.
Chairman Barry Hearn said John Michael applied for permission to play and ‘it was granted’. ”It’s not fair”, Sparidaans said in a reply.

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Author: Pieter