The PDC Summer Series begins today at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes albeit with the start time now adjusted slightly for the first day.

Players went through testing yesterday but with the results taking 12 hours and some players notably Karel Sedlacek having issues making it to the UK.

The turnaround time for a number of players will be at 10:00 BST which is an hour after the initial draw was due out. This means that the event will start at 13:00 BST instead of 12:00.

As was previously revealed, a negative result means that a player is free of Coronavirus. As proof of this, a player is presented with a wristband, which must be worn throughout the event.

With this wristband, a player can move freely within the bubble, which consists of a hotel, restaurant and playing area.

When a player from the UK has tested positive, the darts player in question must leave the hotel immediately. They must then go into home isolation in accordance with the UK Government guidelines.

Non-UK players are first given the opportunity to make arrangements to self-isolate in the United Kingdom. They have to go in isolation for two weeks before they can return home.


Author: Samuel Gill