The coronavirus outbreak has gripped the world. This has also applied to the darts world, which in turn has led to the cancellation and postponement of many tournaments.

At least the next three rounds of the Premier League, including two in Rotterdam will not be cancelled; due to the corona virus. But instead have been suspended until autumn; according to the current schedule. Three Euro Tour tournaments have also been postponed.

These effects can also be seen in the BDO and the WDF; with lots of tournaments being cancelled or postponed. These events include the German Open and German Masters.

In addition, this is also the case nationally as well; with County matches suspended in the UK.

DartsNews has compiled a list of official darts tournaments that have been moved; postponed or cancelled below:


March 19: Seventh round of Premier League Darts in Newcastle (moved to October 1)
March 20-22: European Darts Grand Prix in Sindelfingen (moved to May 29-31)
March 25: Eighth round of Premier League Darts in Rotterdam (moved to September 9)
March 26: Ninth round of Premier League Darts in Rotterdam (moved to September 10)
March 27-29: European Darts Open in Leverkusen (moved to August 7-9)
April 11-13: German Darts Grand Prix in Munich


March 13-15: Budapest Classic & Budapest Darts Masters in Hungary
March 13-15: Sylt Open & Sylt Masters in Germany
March 14-15: Torshavn Darts Open and Faroe Islands Darts Open in the Faroe Islands (moved to October 24-25)
March 15-22: Torremolinos Darts Festival Torremolinos
March 21: Gibraltar Open in Gibraltar
March 21-22: WDF Youth Challenge in Vienna
March 27-29: Virginia Beach Classic Youth in the United States (moved to October 16-18)
April 4-5: Greek Open & Acropolis Darts Open in Greece
April 10-12: Iceland Open & Iceland Masters in Iceland
April 10-12: South Island Masters in New Zealand
April 17-19: German Open & German Masters in Germany
April 17-19: Estonia Open & Estonia Masters in Estonia
July 24-26: WDF Americas Cup in the United States


All County games have been canceled until further notice.


Author: Samuel Gill