Invitational PDC tournaments aren’t popular with Vincent van der Voort.

In recent years, the number of tournaments where participants are selected. The Premier League remains the shining example, with only the world’s top four qualifying on merit. The World Series is also invitational, while other non-ranking events like the Champions League of Darts are an increasingly important part of the PDC calendar. Van der Voort, the 2007 UK Open runner-up, isn’t keen on tournaments where ranking money isn’t up for grabs.
“In the PDC we have too many tournaments that are not ranked and not that important so maybe a new tournament would be great, a week tournament that would be ranked in Holland,” the Dutchman said to Live Darts.
The Netherlands will host the World Series Finals in 2019, as well as a European Tour event. After its immense popularity in 2018, Rotterdam will again host a Premier League double-header. But Van der Voort wants more focus on the ranking events.
“One question you want to ask Barry [Hearn] is: Do you think it’s sport or entertainment?” fumed the 42-year-old.
“Is he looking at being like wrestling or do you want to be a real sport? Because all the new tournaments he makes up are non-ranked so he can put in everyone who he wants.
“It’s not about who’s the best player in the world who plays there and I think that’s something to look after, but I’m not the boss.”

Kelly Deckers/PDC Europe

Photo: Kelly Deckers/PDC Europe

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Author: Ed McCosh