Michael van Gerwen has been utilizing his time away from darts wisely to lend a hand in the kitchen of a star chef to provide health workers with a free meal during the cornoa v pandemic.

Star chefs in Holland; Edwin Kats, John Kocken and Roel Immens, whose restaurants are currently closed; are now making free meals for hospital and health care workers.

On Monday they received help from Michael van Gerwen.“If you have to perform under such pressure in the hospital, it is extra important that you eat well,” said the three-time World Champion speaking with Omroep Brabant .

It is well known that he is very adept at throwing darts; but the question is can he cut it in the kitchen? “I still managed to do an endive stew with potato, broccoli and a pear,” says MVG.

Nurse Linda van Dun of the Jeroen Bosch hospital in Den Bosch is very grateful for the help. “I get really excited about people thinking about us and the meals I’ve already had were delicious.”


Author: Samuel Gill