Michael van Gerwen was unveiled as a new signing for Winmau Darts on Thursday evening in a landmark moment for the World Number One.

Van Gerwen who has signed a multi-year deal will use his new darts after eight years with the same set and also heads up a new range called ‘MVG Design’.

DartsNews.com were present for the big reveal in Cardiff and he admitted that it’s great for both parties and that the input he has is brand new to him and is something he believes he should have.

“It is darts’ biggest transfer, it’s good for myself. It’s good for Winmau, I think I can bring a lot to them; we are a great combination together. Six years ago we were nearly close to a deal but it got over in the last moment but here we are,” said Van Gerwen to the media including DartsNews.com.

“I never was involved like I am now, I am involved with everything that’s produced of me. You have to do it together to be strong. I never had it, I am like a kid in a sweet shop, it’s not cheap it’s what the World Number One should have.”

“Not a lot of other players have input but I wanted input. It’s why they also created MVG Design, no other player has that.

MVG on Van der Voort – ‘He had to be part of the deal’

Vincent van der Voort will also join the World Number One over with the manufacturer after leaving XQMax himself and he said that while it was a no brainer due to ‘The Dutch Destroyer’s other ventures and also an opportunity he feels he deserves, it was a sticking point in the deal for him.

“He had to be part of the deal and he deserves it but him owning a shop made it easy for them. He has a good shop with a good turnover so I think everything together is a huge step forward. From here onwards, we can create something even more special,” added Van Gerwen.

New season and reflection on PDC World Championship Final

‘Mighty Mike’ also took time to discuss his defeat to Peter Wright in the final of the PDC World Championship just under 24 hours before the event and said that it hurts but it is something he needs to just bounce back from.

Not one to rest on his laurels preparation now begins for MVG ahead of the new season and he says he will be ‘ready’ and his aim will be for The Masters despite by his own admission it not being that important.

“I will be ready for the new season. It hurts a lot, Peter (Wright) knows how much it hurts because I’ve beaten him before in the final but for myself, even the big champions take it on the chin. What can you do in this moment, nothing.

“I made too many important mistakes at important moments, normally that’s not me. I can only blame myself for that.”

“The Masters is going to be a nice time so I make sure I’m ready for it. It’s not the most important tournament of the year to see where you stand at that moment so I’m going to aim for that tournament.”


Author: Samuel Gill