James Wade was involved in an incident with Seigo Asada on Wednesday where the multiple major champion celebrated in the face of his Japanese opponent and after that he has apologised.

Wade also spoke after the match saying the following: “I did it for my son and my country.
“I dug in deep there, it’s a magnificent feeling, I could have easily lost that.
“I didn’t think he had that game in him, I really didn’t.
“I’ve lost so many games that I shouldn’t have. I kept giving it to him, I wanted to hurt him because I wanted to progress.”
Wayne Mardle himself after the game called this appalling and Wade has now counteracted by saying the following statement:
“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise for my actions last night.
“Seigo Asada is a great player and I would like to say sorry to him, the fans and the PDC.
“Anyone that has followed my professional career will know that this was very out of character for me and I am disappointed in myself with the way I acted both on the stage and in my interviews after the match.
“I was fighting a battle with myself before I even got on the stage due to a hypo mania episode which can happen to me at any time and no-one is more upset than I am about what happened.
“I would like to again apologise and hope that people can understand how remorseful I am.”


Author: Samuel Gill