Wayne Warren became BDO World Champion at the start of the year and spoke about the interesting series of events since then. From finding out about the reduced prize fund, for lifting the title at the Indigo, to missing out on exhibitions and being paraded as World Champion due to Coronavirus.

“It’s everyone’s dream to be World Champion. To have what I’ve had, it’s a nightmare not a dream. I was hoping to get as many exhibitions in as I could.  The ones I did do, I did some for charity because we had a lot of floods up this way. I took the cup and everyone was really loving it,” said Warren to Red Dragon Darts.

“Everything’s cancelled, we don’t know when we’re going to start. Everything’s blank to me at the moment, just hanging in there.”

Reduced prize fund and current state of BDO

Warren also spoke about finding out about the aforementioned reduced prize fund. As well as about Des Jacklin performing a U-Turn and returning as chairman and where as a result his future lies.

“I liked Lakeside, don’t get me wrong, but to be fair this O2 was a nice venue, that’s the only thing that Des did do a little bit right” he continued.

“I had that email on that Tuesday night. Nicola (his wife) said have you seen it already and I thought she was messing about at first. £23,000 it’s a hell of a cut. Me and Jim (Williams) took the brunt of it.  £77,000 is life-changing to a lot of people and it would have been life-changing for me at my age.”

“It’s an utter joke, then he resigned again then he got back on again. It’s calamity to be honest, the BDO is gone. There will be no more BDO as far as I’m concerned and if they get in, they will just run the county side of it. That doesn’t interest me. BDO is a nil for me now.”


‘Yank’ also spoke about Q-School and said in the interview that he is planning on entering next year and ran through his thought process behind withdrawing after winning the World Championship.

I was entered into it last year. I knew the pressure was going to be on me anyway and my head wasn’t right. I’m one of those players I’ve got to have my head right.”

Chris Sargeant/Tip Top Pics

Photo: Chris Sargeant/Tip Top Pics


Author: Samuel Gill