The PDC Europe German Super League will begin this Saturday and will be streamed on Sport1 and DAZN; as well as worldwide on PDCTV as 16 players battle it out for a spot at the 2021 PDC World Championship.

The annual event saw Nico Kurz who emerged at last year’s World Championship come through the field to defeat Martin Schindler in the final to confirm his spot at the World Championship.

He will be involved in Group B in the event which sees 16 players split into two groups of eight for the group stage before the knockout stage is completed between the top four from each.

Top-ranked German in the field, Gabriel Clemens will be favourite and he will headline Group A in a group which also include Michael Unterbuchner and fellow PDC Tour Card holders Steffen Siepmann and Christian Bunse.

Group B like alluded to involves Kurz as well as the likes of Rene Eidams, Maik Langendorf and Dragutin Horvat and in the initial phase, it is best of 11 legs and goes into best of 15 legs in the Quarter-Finals

Session Schedule

Saturday May 16 (1400-2300 CET): Group A
Sunday May 17 (1500-2300 CET): Group A
Saturday May 23 (1400-2300 CET): Group B
Sunday May 24 (1500-2300 CET): Group B
Saturday May 30 (1400-2300 CET): Group A
Sunday May 31 (1500-2300 CET): Group A
Saturday June 6 (1400-2300 CET): Group B
Sunday June 7 (1500-2300 CET): Group B
Sunday June 14 (1500-2300 CET): Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals & Final

2020 PDC Europe German Super League
Group A

Gabriel Clemens, Kai Gotthardt, Jens Kniest, Kevin Münch, Sascha Stein, Christian Bunse, Steffen Siepmann, Michael Unterbuchner

Group B

Maik Langendorf, Rene Eidams, Karsten Koch, Nico Kurz, Thomas Köhnlein, Dragutin Horvat, Daniel Klose, Manfred Bilderl

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Author: Samuel Gill