Des Jacklin has resigned as BDO Chairman ending his just under two years tenure releasing a short statement on the BDO website earlier today.

Jacklin had a good start to his reign dropping the restrictions for Q-School and signing a contract with Eurosport to secure the future; but this fell sharply with caller resignations, the World Masters fiasco which saw a re-draw occur; as well as the BDO World Championship which saw many in the dark about prize fund and poor ticket sales.

This prompted many including Andy Hamilton to tell him to give answers; on the state of the organisation and prize money. Before the tournament as well with the World Masters looming large; the WDF also dropped their backing of the tournaments with immediate effect taking over the running of certain events.

This past weekend, the Torremolinos Festival of Darts was cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak; it seems he has made the decision to resign following that.

The brief statement said the following: “After many months of thoughts and deliberation I have made the decision to resign my position as BDO Director Chairman and CEO with immediate effect, I wish all success to my successor and the BDO for the future.”

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Author: Samuel Gill