The WDF will no longer be recognising BDO operated tournaments with immediate effect, it has been revealed in a letter sent out by the governing body.

Previously rumoured but then posted on The Stars of Darts Forum; they cite breaching of rules which occurred at the BDO World Masters; as the main cause of their decision not to endorse them.

As a result, now the BDO have been downgraded to Associate Member status. This means in essence that they are no longer the governing body for darts in the country.

They have also not endorsed the paying of fees implemented this week by the BDO but that also there will be no sanctions if players decide to play in their events due to their ‘Darts for All’ Ethos.

Interestingly, they ended the letter by saying they are currently implementing a global circuit which will see WDF major events made through their own ranking systems.

View the letter in full below:

Credit: The Stars of Darts Forum

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Author: Samuel Gill