David Evans is the winner of Group Three as the third day is complete in the Icons of Darts Live League after he saw off Mark Webster.

Evans eased past the former Lakeside World Champion in a 5-1 win with a 99 average, three 180’s with 62 percent on checkouts with a high checkout of 148.

He only ended up winning the third day by the slimmest of margins though seeing off Andy Jenkins who finished off second and continued on from his first day superbly.

Jenkins ended up putting the pressure onto Evans by easing past Wessel Nijman, the winner of Group One and Two who couldn’t keep that up today.

This was due to his doubles as he averaged four less than his opponent at 87 compared to 92 with 55 percent on the doubles in the end compared to only 15 percent.

Click here to view the overall standings after Day Two.

Schedule MODUS Icons of Darts Live League
Group Three

Andy Jenkins (98.52) 5-1 (84.14) Mark Webster
Raymond van Barneveld (94.62) 5-4 (94.31) Wessel Nijman
David Evans (97.60) 5-0 (89.96) Andy Jenkins
Mark Webster (92.76) 5-3 (88.17 ) Raymond van Barneveld
Wessel Nijman (92.74) 4-5 (95.23) David Evans
Andy Jenkins (96.24) 5-2 (95.27) Raymond van Barneveld
Mark Webster (88.31) 4-5 (97.55) Wessel Nijman
David Evans (93.64) 3-5 (94.94) Raymond van Barneveld
Andy Jenkins (87.28) 5-2 (92.39) Wessel Nijman
Mark Webster (85.07) 1-5 (99.53) David Evans

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Author: Samuel Gill