The fart-gate dominated the headlines during the Grand Slam of Darts. In the meantime the case has been resolved and a guilty person has been found.

RTL reporter Arjan van der Giessen said that a security guard has confessed to be the cause of the ‘fragrant incident’ during the match between Gary Anderson and Wesley Harms. The incident was typified as the fart-gate and it was widely reported in the press across the world.

The story started with Harms, who said he had issues with ‘fragrant things’ on stage during his game with Anderson. ”I think it takes me two nights to lose this smell leaves my nose. I didn’t know things like this can also happen within the PDC”, Harms said in an interview with RTL7. The Dutchman didn’t want to talk further about this subject.

Anderson denied the accusation and thought that Harms caused the fragrant issues. ”I thought that Harms had farted on stage”, replied the ‘The Flying Scotsman’ in conversation with the Dutch darts broadcaster.

”It smelled awful. But I swear on my children’s life that it was not my fault. Maybe it came from the tables next to the stage. It smelled like rotten eggs, but it really did not came from me.”

Almost a week after the fart-gate, it appears that the Scotsman spoke the truth in conversation with RTL7.

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Author: Pieter