Gerwyn Price has spoken out against the public perception which paints him as a PDC pantomime villain.

The PDC world number seven is one of the most in-form players in the sport. A series of strong performances have worked wonders for the Welshman’s PR. His most notable previous success, at the Grand Slam of Darts, was tinged with controversy. A Premier League bust-up with Daryl Gurney aside, Price’s darts have done the talking for him in 2019.

Speaking with Live Darts, Price insisted that today’s likeable character is the same as the man who was widely lambasted in Wolverhampton last year.

“The thing is, they [fans] are seeing the real me – but it’s been the same me, from the start,” the Iceman insisted.

“I haven’t changed, I’ve always been the same.

“It’s people talking, and hearsay, and people thinking different things.

“My game has always been the same, and it’s never going to change.

“I am what I am. I’m not a bad person, just a decent player trying to earn a living.”

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Moving forward

That Grand Slam drama continues to rumble on in the background. Price was fined a record figure by the DRA, and then launched an appeal. That appeal continues to be in the works, but Price – who represented himself at his initial DRA hearing – now has the support structure to help him faze it out.

“Even with the appeal, this is behind me. I don’t even think about it any more.

“Whatever the DRA does now, they do. It’s in the hands of my lawyer, and a good mate of mine, John Mullins, who doesn’t tell me anything that’s going on.

“When I need to know something, he contacts me.

“But he lets me get on with my darts, which is the best thing to do, and just forget about it all.

“When it comes around, I’ll deal with it.”


Author: Ed McCosh