Barry Hearn has revealed that the Premier League Darts and in particular the double header at Rotterdam Ahoy between September 9-10 will take place. Albeit potentially without a crowd involved in Holland.

The Dutch government revealed that no major events including the Premier League should take place as long as there is no vaccine available and for Hearn, he hopes that the numbers will come down so that the decision is made without it.

“There will be no vaccine yet in September,” Hearn told RTL Nieuws. “But we go for gold. We hope the numbers drop so fast that the government revises its judgement, because the effect on the economy goes beyond just darts. In ten years’ time, we’ll still pay for this, so we need to get to some sort of normal as soon as possible. ”

Hearn therefore has three options available. “We play with an audience, or we play with a reduced audience, or we play without an audience. But for all TV viewers: continue! It’s going to happen on those two dates. ”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill