There has been a huge increase in prize money for the 2019 PDC World Matchplay which sees it go from £500,000 to £700,000 due in part to the new sponsorship of the event by bookmaker Betfred.

This year the winner claimed £115,000; it has now gone up to £150,000 meaning there is more incentive than ever for players to win the tournament at the Winter Gardens.
The runner up will win £70,000 this is an increase in £15,000 from this year. This increase goes all the way down to the Last 32.
This all amounts to that increase of over £200,000 from this year in huge news for both the PDC and the World Matchplay.
2019 Betfred World Matchplay
Prize Fund
Winner £150,000
Runner-Up £70,000
Semi-Finalists £50,000
Quarter-Finalists £25,000
Last 16 £15,000
Last 32 £10,000
Total £700,000


Author: Samuel Gill