The DRA has issued a £5,000 fine to James Wade for his actions during the PDC World Championship.

Sources have told that darts’ disciplinary body have chosen to penalise Wade for his conduct during a second round win over Seigo Asada. The 35-year-old attracted worldwide criticism for his actions against the Japanese star, in a game he won 3-2. Comments by the PDC world number nine following the match added heat to the flame of controversy.
“I kept giving it to him and I wanted to hurt him. I wanted to really hurt him in his face. It wasn’t a great game but I wanted to hurt him and I wanted to progress.
“That’s for my son, and also for the UK,” Wade told Sky Sports after the game on December 19.

Photo: Sky Sports

“I am disappointed with myself”

In the aftermath of the match, during which time Wade was accused of “bullying” his opponent, the Englishman issued an apology in a statement.
“Anyone that has followed my professional career will know that this was very out of character for me. I am disappointed with myself in the way I acted both on the stage and in the interviews after the match,” the statement read.
A known bipolar disorder sufferer, Wade also explained that he had been struggling with the illness preceding the game.
“I was fighting a battle with myself before I even got on the stage due to a hypo mania episode which can happen to me at any time and no one is more upset than I am about what happened.
“I would like again to apologise and hope that people can understand how remorseful I am.”

DRA controversy

The DRA’s decision to fine Wade £5,000 will certainly come under close scrutiny.
In recent times, the committee has been widely criticised for high-profile decisions on player infringements.
Gerwyn Price was hit with the biggest financial sanction in the history of the PDC after his Grand Slam of Darts victory in November. A total of £21,500 was paid by the Welshman in recompense for conduct during his quarter final win over Simon Whitlock and a hot-tempered final against Gary Anderson. Social media comments after the tournament were also taken into account.
Another fine questioned was against Mickey Mansell, who surrendered £500 for allegedly failing to play to the best of his ability.

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Ed McCosh