The first Challenge Tour event of the weekend is complete with Cameron Menzies claiming a second title of the season by defeating Wessel Nijman in the final.

Menzies saw off James Woodhouse, Paul Williams, Joey Palfreyman, Andrew Gilding, Scott Taylor, Eddie Lovely and Rusty-Jake Rodriguez en route before seeing off the Dutchman 5-2 in the end.

This sees him back at the top of the Challenge Tour Order of Merit with three more events set to take place this weekend at Aldersley Leisure Village.

With the final weekend of Challenge Tour action to come next time out, this could be an important set of events for Menzies and the players around him as the race hots up for the coveted Tour Cards and World Championship spot.

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Last 16
Cameron Menzies 5 | 3 Scott Taylor
Eddie Lovely 5 | 2 Colin Osborne
Dennis Nilsson 5 | 2 David Evans
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5 | 3 Lee Evans
Cody Harris 5 | 3 Arjan Konterman
Wessel Nijman 5 | 4 Ryan Murray
Scott Waites 5 | 4 Patrick Lynskey
Curtis Hammond 5 | 4 Nathan Rafferty

Cameron Menzies 5 | 2 Eddie Lovely
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5 | 0 Dennis Nilsson
Wessel Nijman 5 | 1 Cody Harris
Scott Waites 5 | 4 Curtis Hammond

Cameron Menzies 5 | 2 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Wessel Nijman 5 | 4 Scott Waites

Cameron Menzies 5 | 2 Wessel Nijman

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Author: Samuel Gill