Cameron Menzies has claimed his second PDC title on Saturday evening. ‘Cammy’ won the sixth event on the PDC Challenge Tour after defeating Andrew Gilding in the final.

Menzies defeated the likes of Ritchie Edhouse, Andy Jenkins and Boris Koltsov on his way to the final. The Challenge Tour will continue on Sunday with two more events.
Players who finish in high positions on the Challenge Tour Order of Merit will gain positions in Players Championship events. This is when the 128 player field cannot be made up and as well as that Tour Cards and World Championship spots are up for grabs.
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90.3 Menzies, Cameron 5 2 Gilding, Andrew 88.1


87.6 Gilding, Andrew 5 3 Mitchell, Tony 78.2
90.8 Menzies, Cameron 5 2 Koltsov, Boris 86.5


78.5 Mitchell, Tony 5 4 Carragher, Francis 74.9
91.1 Gilding, Andrew 5 2 van Trijp, Danny 78.5
87.3 Koltsov, Boris 5 4 van Peer, Berry 88.1
92.8 Menzies, Cameron 5 1 Jenkins, Andy 86.3

Author: Pieter