Jesus Noguera has won his maiden PDC Challenge Tour event in the seventh event overall and the third of the weekend at the Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan.

Noguera defeated Mark Walsh in a 5-1 victory averaging just over 100 with ‘Special Brew’ only averaging 77 overall. The Spaniard seemed to get better as the tournament went on with him averaging 97 in the Quarter-Finals, 103 in the semi-finals and then 100 in the final.
As well as seeing off Walsh, he defeated well-known Stephen Burton and Callan Rydz in the latter stages. He joins Darren Beveridge and Cameron Menzies who claimed the first two events of the weekend with the Scottish duo performing well.
Among those involved today include the likes of Wes Newton, John Part, Cody Harris and Boris Koltsov.
Players who finish in high positions on the Order of Merit will gain positions in PDC Players Championship events.
This is when the 128 player field cannot be made up and as well as that Tour Cards and World Championship spots are up for grabs.
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100.9 Noguera, Jesus 5 1 Walsh, Mark 77.3


82.6 Walsh, Mark 5 3 Konterman, Arjan 71.5
103.4 Noguera, Jesus 5 3 Burton, Stephen 94.1


80.3 Konterman, Arjan 5 1 Taylor, Scott 79.1
84.8 Walsh, Mark 5 2 Barton, James 74.9
97.7 Noguera, Jesus 5 1 Rydz, Callan 98.5
94.1 Burton, Stephen 5 1 Jenkins, Andy 89.9
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Author: Samuel Gill