The prize fund breakdown has been released for the Players Championship Finals which take place this weekend at Butlins, Minehead.

Like all other events, the prize fund for the Players Championship Finals has gone up; this time to  £500,000 which goes up from £460,000 last year.

The winners’ amount stays the same with £100,000 being claimed. The runner-up though will take home more with £50,000 going to them.

Semi-finalists will get £25,000 compared to £23,000 last year. It goes all the way down to the Last 64 when the losers will all get £2,500 which due to it only being a small increase will remain the same this time around.

Position (no. of players) Prize Money
(Total: £500,000)
Winner (1) £100,000
Runner-Up (1) £50,000
Semi-finalists (2) £25,000
Quarter-finalists (4) £15,000
Last 16  (Third round) (8) £10,000
Last 32  (Second round) (16) £5,000
Last 64  (First round) (32) £2,500

Author: Samuel Gill