Phil Taylor was present at the recent Target Darts launch which included the launch of the new Swiss points which players can use to effectively remove points mid game and install new ones.

His new Power 9-Five Gen 6 darts come with this new technology and he admitted that if he practices and plays well with them that he will attempt a comeback.

“I’m going to practice with these new darts and if I get good, I’m going to come back. Trust me.” said Taylor to LiveDarts at the recent Target launch.

He also spoke about Leighton Bennett who he has played in multiple exhibitions with much talk being about him potentially gaining a Grand Slam spot. Taylor weighed in and admitted he’s ready and that he will watch it if he’s involved.

“If you’re good enough, you’re old enough. That’s my opinion anyway,” Taylor added about Bennett.

“I don’t watch darts, put him in the Grand Slam and I’ll watch it and whoever draws him good luck.”


Author: Samuel Gill