Phil Taylor has won again in the Darts from Home charity soft-tip matches defeating Fallon Sherrock in a deciding leg thriller.

Sherrock was 5-3 up and playing brilliantly; but a nervy 81 from the Queen of the Palace which was pounced on by Taylor to make it 5-5 was the turning point and it went to a decider.

She was on a nine-dart finish for the second time in the match but failing to hit it meant Taylor could pin the 167 on the bull for the win.

It was the highest quality game yet in this series with Taylor hitting a 116 average compared to 121 from Sherrock. High checkouts of 167 and 155 respectively; as well as seven 180’s a piece.

This meant that £8,200 was raised by Taylor and £8,000 by Sherrock for NHS Heroes; meaning a grand total of £16,200 producing another great tie for a great cause.

To begin the tie, Taylor left 49 early doors but was pressured with Sherrock on 32 but he hit it first time to add £200 to the total in the first leg. ‘The Power’ hit the first 180 to add £1,000 to that in the requisite leg; with Fallon on 155, he hit another.

Sherrock though made it 1-1 smashing in a brilliant 155 checkout; which was applauded and rightfully so by Taylor. A first 180 was added by The Queen of the Palace; as she aimed to put the pressure on the 16x World Champion.

Pressure was what the 25-year old added leaving 81; with Taylor well back on 257. It was 2-1 and a break of throw for Sherrock who was making a superb start to proceedings.

Taylor stopped a barren run smashing in a 180; as he looked to break back immediately; but two poor visits saw Sherrock look to hold her throw and despite Taylor pressuring, another ton plus checkout in a 110 saw a 3-1 lead soon open up.

Taylor left double 20 as he looked to stop the rot but was pressured with a 140. He hit it first time though to make it 3-2 and add another £200 at the break.

Sherrock acclimatised well in her return from the break smashing in a 140-140-125 to leave 96. She ended up hitting it first time to continue her brilliance and reopen a two leg lead at 4-2.

Taylor aimed to turn the tide himself with a 180 and he left 50 which he pinned; with Sherrock leaving the 96 again. ‘The Power’ was pressuring the throw; but Sherrock produced another brilliant set up at 130 which she hit to make it 5-3.

It was back to one leg behind with Taylor pinning a 79 meaning so far he had raised £4,800 for NHS Heroes.

Sherrock attempted to dispel Taylor with another 180 which was almost picture perfect. Taylor though hit one himself as he looked to break throw.

Taylor pinned 103 to make it 5-5 after a nervy attempt at 81 from Sherrock. Will that be the tide turner?

They both hit 180’s to start the next leg but it was Taylor who had the darts. Sherrock though made it six perfect darts to leave 141 but missed the treble 19. Taylor was on 46 though and hit double eight last dart in hand to cement three legs on the spin and go one away.

Sherrock aimed to stay in it with a 41 checkout to force a decider but not without both players hitting another 180.

Another 180 came from Sherrock in a decider and it was six perfect darts but missed the seventh leaving 81. Taylor was back on 167 for the win and he hit the bull to do so.

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Author: Samuel Gill