Scott Waites has moved over to the PDC from the BDO after gaining his Tour Card at the recent UK Q-School in Wigan in a long awaited move for the multiple World Champion.

Waites spoke about the current state of the BDO; as well as his move and said that no matter what he would have been playing the Challenge Tour anyway and that he had frustrated with playing in the former.

He has been joined by the likes of Wesley Harms and Lisa Ashton from the BDO; he believes that they can cause a few shocks on the PDC ProTour.

“If I didn’t get a tour card I think I would have definitely been playing all the (PDC) Challenge Tour,” he admitted to the Yorkshire Post.

“It looks like the WDF – the World Darts Federation – are going to have their own world championship, probably running alongside the BDO’s, but at different venues. The BDO will always exist because it runs the counties; but the main competitions, the World Masters and World Championships, didn’t go down very well. They were still run okay; but it wasn’t what it was supposed to be so you get a bit disheartened with it.”

“It is a really good platform for them; but you will always have your local leagues and Super Leagues and the players progress then to play county matches, when you play on stage and it is all a progression then.

“If you play on the county stage and you are ranked in the top 10; you get an automatic invite to the World Masters qualifiers and World Championship qualifiers, so you don’t have to travel around the circuit picking up points.

“But now it is all changing and the next few months will be massive for the BDO. I don’t think it was ever their intention to compete with the PDC. What (chairman) Barry Hearn has done for the PDC is phenomenal, you only have to look at the Premier League attendances and viewing figures.

“They have got everything right. The BDO have lost a few TV deals and that put us a bit behind. Over the last few years we’ve not been playing on TV as many times as we should be doing, but the standard of players is good.

“Some of the top players can compete with the likes of the PDC, as we saw at Q School. Lisa Ashton and Wesley Harms (both top BDO players) got through; hopefully we can give some of them (established PDC players) a bit of a shock.”

Playing full-time in PDC and ambitions for first year

Waites, known as ‘Scotty 2 Hotty’, has also revealed that he will be giving it his all and that includes giving up his job as a joiner after moving over to the PDC.

He said that from his perspective like Glen Durrant if he doesn’t do it now; he never will and now he is a bit more secure financially, he can finally pursue darts full-time.

“I am going to give it a couple of years and see how I get on.

“I have never really been in a position where I’ve thought I can support myself for the next two years and give it a go. Before, I have always had my bills and everything to pay. I never wanted to put my family at risk; but now I’ve got a bit of financial security behind me. If I don’t give it a go now I don’t feel like I’ll ever give it a go.”

“Hopefully, I can pick up a few pounds on the way; because the ranking table in the PDC is money-oriented.

“Hopefully, I can start climbing up the table, that’s my plan for the next year – to see what I can do.”


Photo: PDC


Author: Samuel Gill