Ian White has finally claimed a European Tour title winning the Dutch Darts Championship in Maastricht. He won 8-5 in the final against Ricky Evans.

White who stated his intention to win a European Tour at the start of 2018 has fulfilled that ambition.
’Diamond’ had tears in his eyes when he was celebrating winning showing exactly what it means to him.
It was an 89 average and 3 maximums for Stoke’s Number One as he has now translated his prolific floor form into a stage title.
For Evans, it is a weekend that will likely get him into multiple TV tournaments in the next few months and secure him his tour card for next year. As well as one that has seen him go viral due to his Baby Shark walk on.
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Evening session
Quarter-Finals –
Ricky Evans (91,81) 6-5 Joe Cullen (95,05)
Ritchie Edhouse (92,65) 6-4 Kyle Anderson (87,92)
Peter Wright (100.47) 6-4 (90.1) Simon Whitlock
Adrian Lewis (90.97) 1-6 (99.17) Ian White
Ricky Evans (92.03) 7 (13) 5 (94.99) Ritchie Edhouse
Peter Wright (100.05) 4 (13) 7 (98.41) Ian White
Ricky Evans (89.23) 5 (15) 8 (89.18) Ian White

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Author: Samuel Gill