The England Open concluded yesterday alongside the England National Singles with Jim Williams and Beau Greaves claiming the titles in Selsey.

Williams in the semi-finals edged out Wesley Harms who also yesterday won the title in a 5-4 win; while Wayne Warren eased past David Evans to reach the final himself.

‘The Quiff’ though didn’t have a tough time of it in the final with the Welsh ace smashing Warren in a 6-1 victory and as a result claims £5000 for doing so.

It was Greaves though that was the main story with the 15-year old going on to win five titles this past weekend with two senior singles titles to add to her double in Wales in May.

She edged out Aileen de Graaf in a 4-3 win before seeing off Fallon Sherrock in a close 5-4 win which could have gone either way, Sherrock herself saw off Lisa Ashton in the semi-finals in a 4-3 win before losing out to ‘Beau ‘n’ Arrow’ in the final.

Wayne Warren 5-1 David Evans
Jim Williams 5-4 Wesley Harms

Jim Williams 6-1 Wayne Warren

Fallon Sherrock 4-3 Lisa Ashton
Beau Greaves 4-3 Aileen de Graaf

Beau Greaves 5-4 Fallon Sherrock

Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer


Author: Samuel Gill