The singles competition at this year’s Six Nations Cup at Bonte Wever in Assen has concluded with Jim Williams and Rhian O’Sullivan coming out on top to cap off a double win for Wales.

Williams saw off Martijn Kleermaker of Netherlands, Martin Heneghan who represents Republic 0f Ireland and teammate David Arwyn Morris before thrashing Neil Duff 5-1 in the final.

O’Sullivan on the other hand saw off Linda Harte of Republic of Ireland, fellow teammate Ann Marie Potts before seeing off Chris Savvery in an all Welsh final.

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Results men’s

Last 16
Wessel Nijman (NED) 4-2 Trevor Vallely (IRE)
Neil Duff (NIR) 4-3 Nick Kenny (Wal)
Paul Milford (ENG) 4-3 Scott Mitchell (ENG)
Jeffrey Sparidaans (NED) 4-1 Nigel Heydon (ENG)
Jim Williams (WAL) 4-1 Martijn Kleermaker (NED)
Martin Heneghan (IRE) 4-3 Darren Bingham (WAL)
David Arwyn Morris (WAL) 4-3 Andrew Ryan (IRE)
Martin Atkins (ENG) 4-1 Alan Soutar (SCO)

Neil Duff (NIR) 4-1 Wessel Nijman (NED)
Paul Milford (ENG) 4-2 Jeffrey Sparidaans (NED)
Jim Williams (WAL) 4-1 Martin Heneghan (IRE)
David Arwyn Morris (WAL) 4-2 Martin Atkins (ENG)

Neil Duff (NIR) 4-0 Paul Milford (ENG)
Jim Williams (WAL) 4-1 David Arwyn Morris (WAL)

Final (Saturday)
Neil Duff (NIR) 1-5 Jim Williams (WAL)

Results ladies

Ann Marie Potts (WAL) 4-3 Lorraine Winstanley (ENG)
Rhian O’Sullivan (WAL) 4-1 Linda Harte (IRE)
Aileen de Graaf (NED) 4-0 Sharon Prins (NED)
Chris Savvery (WAL) 4-3 Susanna McGimpsey (SCO)

Rhian O’Sullivan (WAL) 4-3 Ann Marie Potts (WAL)
Chris Savvery 4-1 (WAL) 4-1 Aileen de Graaf (NED)

Final (Saturday)
Rhian O’Sullivan (WAL) 5-0 Chris Savvery (WAL)


Author: Samuel Gill