Gary Anderson will be involved in proceedings on Saturday evening in the PDC Home Tour making his debut after previously being blighted by WiFi issues.

Anderson is looking forward to it and hopes he can bring his practice game into the tournament to win through to the next round.

“I’m looking forward to it, it will be a bit strange playing an actual live match from my darts room so it will be bit weird but I’m definitely looking forward to it,” Anderson told Sky Sports News.

“It’s going to be a bit strange playing somebody over the net, I’ve never done it before. I think the youngsters do it all the time with all these new devices. It will be hard, it will be strange but fingers crossed I’ll get a win.

“I always play well when I practice at home so hopefully it goes the same as what it usually does, the 180s are back and the big finishes, it’s been going well on the practice board so I can’t see there being any difference.”

Despite his participation Anderson has hardly followed the PDC Home Tour in recent weeks. “I’ve watched it once and that was Friday night, Michael Smith against Luke Humphries, it was a cracking game but that’s the only game I’ve actually watched. I’m not big with technology, I’d rather be out in the garden doing something.”

However the two-time world champion is happy with the opportunity, as he praises the PDC. “Hats off to the PDC to get it up and running. A lot of the boys, darts is their life, that’s their job. They’ve done a great job linking all the players up so they can actually carry on and get some practice. It’s been absolutely fantastic.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill