The second event of the day has finalised in Peterborough with Nick Fullwell claiming a third career Challenge Tour title defeating Nathan Rafferty in the final.

Fullwell saw off ‘The Natural’ in a 5-1 victory which saw him average 86.3 in the end to Rafferty’s 80.2. He also saw off the charge of Cody Harris in the semi-finals who was aiming for a second title of the day.

There were also victories over well-known players such as Wes Newton, Francis Carragher and David Evans en-route to the title as he followed up triumphs in 2016 and 2017 on the secondary tour.

This weekend’s action concludes on Sunday with another double header, click here for more information about the Challenge Tour.

86.3 Fullwell, Nick 5 1 Rafferty, Nathan 80.2
91 Rafferty, Nathan 5 3 McGuirk, Shane 85.7
86.7 Fullwell, Nick 5 2 Harris, Cody 87.4
90 Rafferty, Nathan 5 4 McKinstry, Kyle 93.5
97.5 McGuirk, Shane 5 4 Rowley, Paul 94.3
92 Harris, Cody 5 2 Taylor, Scott 85.3
86 Fullwell, Nick 5 2 Michels, Mareno 76.2

Author: Samuel Gill