Geert Nentjes has claimed his first PDC Development Tour after five previous attempts with victory over Shane McGuirk in the final which he won 5-2 with a 97 average.

Nentjes has been showing some good form on both the Development Tour and the main tour where he is now a Tour Card holder and so this is just another example of how much promise the Dutch youngster has.
He saw off the likes of Ciaran Teehan (5-1), Owen Roelofs (5-2) and Keelan Kay (4-2) en route to the victory with some tough opposition through his run.
The likes of Callan Rydz, Christian Bunse and Mike de Decker also made it to the latter stages but they all fell in the Last 16 in the first tournament of the weekend.
Milton Keynes hosts the second of five weekends in this year’s PDC Development Tour, which will each feature four £10,000 tournaments for players aged 16-23. The likes of Luke Humphries, Bradley Brooks, Justin van Tergouw, Mike de Decker and Corey Cadby have entered these events.
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97.4Nentjes, Geert52McGuirk, Shane91.8


93.7Nentjes, Geert51Teehan, Ciaran87.6
86.1McGuirk, Shane51Batchelor, Carl71.2


91.4Nentjes, Geert52Roelofs, Owen80.8
92.3Teehan, Ciaran54Symons, Charlie81.9
88.3McGuirk, Shane52Killington, George88.9
91.9Batchelor, Carl52Gardner, George83.6

Last 16

92.3Nentjes, Geert42Kay, Keelan92.0
84.8Roelofs, Owen41Lishman, Tommy78.2
89.3Symons, Charlie41Bunse, Christian86.2
85.8Teehan, Ciaran41Rydz, Callan87.4
83.4McGuirk, Shane42van den Boogaard, Patrick81.9
81.7Killington, George41Cheeseman, Ben80.3
97.3Batchelor, Carl41De Decker, Mike93.1
83.4Gardner, George43Smith, Justin83.8
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Author: Pieter