Martijn Kleermaker secured his Tour Card on Sunday after he finished fourth on the Q-School Order of Merit and as a result, he will be on the PDC Tour for the next two years.

For Kleermaker, he had to wait after he lost to find out if he was successful in his quest to join the PDC and he admitted that the long wait was the worst part of the weekend.

“That long wait was terrible, it made me more nervous than playing matches. That I finally made it is amazingly beautiful. This is what you do it all for. ”

The Dutchman admitted also that he had already planned for life with or without a Tour Card but now his plans are confirmed now he has one: “I had prepared for both a best and worst outcome. In both cases, I had already made plans for what my schedule would look like in 2020. Now that I have my Tour Card I will play all tournaments anyway, I look forward to it! ”

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Author: Samuel Gill