Devon Petersen as part of a feature on Sky Sports’ World Matchplay coverage had his story told and spoke about the subject of racism.

As he discussed with the murder of George Floyd, it has become a major talking point and Petersen shared his own views on the topic as someone who dealt with this growing up during the apartheid in South Africa.

“You’ve seen racism as a deadly tumour and obviously with an incident like George Floyd has exposed the tumour and now it can’t be ignored,” said Petersen to Sky Sports.

“If you’re looking at a deadly tumour and the difference between that and racism, the deadly tumour can be diagnosed and cut out and the person who has the tumour can live on but racism it impacts you in a different way.

It leaves fear, it leaves embarrassment. It’s a whole host of feelings that you have and hatred towards just human nature.”

“We have the Black Lives Matter which people criminalise and the All Lives Matter which is a campaign against Black Lives Matter.

It doesn’t make sense because if you’re looking at the reason and what they celebrating and saying that it’s happened so far back and why are you still bringing it up now.  What they’re blinded by is where we were and where we are now and it’s a blinding factor,” he continued.

“It’s not where we were and where we are today. It’s about where we could, or should be, in the future.”


Author: Samuel Gill