The PDC Asian Tour went to script of sorts with Lourence Ilagan claiming a third title of the season like yesterday’s winner Seigo Asada.

Ilagan will keep up his charge at the top of the Order of Merit as he pursues a World Championship spot. On the way to the title, the Philippines thrower saw off Alexis Toylo and then Paul and Harith Lim.

This was no easy route which shows the strength of the tour despite it being in its inception this year.

PDC Asian Tour 8

Harith Lim 5-4 Royden Lam
Kai Fan Leung 5-3 Ryan Condat
Paul Lim 5-2 Seigo Asada
Lourence Ilagan 5-2 Alexis Toylo

Harith Lim 5-4 Kai Fan Leung
Lourence Ilagan 5-2 Paul Lim

Lourence Ilagan 5-1 Harith Lim

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Author: Samuel Gill