Adrian Lewis and Jose Antonio Justicia Perales had to be separated after their Quarter-Final game at the UK Open Qualifiers in Wigan. It was a game where Lewis won in a deciding leg but it will be marred by the problems between the pair throughout the match.

Towards the end of the match, there was the first altercation between the pair with Lewis stopping the Spaniard visibly annoyed including shouting some expletives at the new tour card holder so this wasn’t a past problem between the pair.
The tension intensified after the game where Lewis seemingly had physical contact with Perales. The two players even had to be separated by tournament officials.
It remains to be seen if Lewis or Perales will face ramifications from the DRA. Whether that is a warning, ban or a fine for either player but for Lewis he did not go further in the tournament losing to Michael van Gerwen after the victory over Perales.
Watch the incident after the match below :

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Author: Samuel Gill